Patagonia – [Jelani Aryeh]

Time is in constant motion. Regardless of circumstances, we can never truly “relive the old days,” and furthermore, we can never stop moving forward in the most literal of senses. Offsetting the disheartening connotation of such, however, is the art of progress. Throughout our lives, this constant forward motion turns into a limitless race toward some definition of “achievement,” measured in a manner unique to each individual person. Today, painting his own definition of progress, Jelani Aryeh is here with a full-circle moment of sorts in his brand new single, “Patagonia.”

Placed into broad terms, “Patagonia” is a picture of self-reflection, as framed through the lens of nostalgia. On one hand, Aryeh looks back with vivid recollections of the past, while on the other hand, he reflects on future ambitions with a progress-tinted smile. Lyrics such as my personal favorite — “I’m just glad I’m finally out that Chik Fil A” — explore the meaning of Aryeh’s progress as an artist so far, while the song’s countless idiosyncracies offer candid glimpses into the budding star’s life.

Adding to the magic here, “Patagonia” is also armed with some of my favorite production from Aryeh’s catalog to date. The mesmeric melodies use broad strokes to highlight the underlying themes, and the thoughtful lyrics certainly find their match in the form of such wonderous, oddly inspirational sounds.

Wrapping all of these attributes into one song, “Patagonia” emerges as a testament to Aryeh’s sky-high potential, reminding listeners that life wasn’t always Zane Lowe premieres and 6-figure streaming numbers. Rather, Jelani Aryeh’s career remains a flourishing work in progress, so don’t miss out.

Stream “Patagonia” below!