Pass It – [MK xyz] feat. [G-Eazy]

There’s definitely a satisfying feeling when you press play on a song, and you can immediately feel the beat take over you. The way that the beat can capture you and make you feel anything you want to feel at that moment, is something that many artists of today are trying to chase after, and only a select few can master it. As of late, the R&B scene has been taking a turn into a different direction towards a more mellow and softening sound. However, we still have to take notice to the artists that are able to still keep that wavy feeling alive and can deliver a record that can still play in the clubs and house parties. Today, making her Lyrical Lemonade debut, I introduce you all to the Florida-native and rising R&B star MK xyz–premiering her latest single “Pass It” featuring G-Eazy.

It’s basically an extension of myself. Xyz is more of a community when I think of it. It’s basically a space for fans and people all over the world to connect. If you’re queer, if you’re a person of color, if you just have that part of you that you haven’t really figured out, it’s where you can define that thing.

MK xyz’s response when asked about the origins of her name.

Coming from a mixed heritage background of a Black mother and a Filipino father, MK had always had major roots in singing and dancing, as both of her parents grew up in the realm of dancing. At an early age, MK had found her calling and followed her aspirations to become a singer and a dancer and take her career seriously. Around the same time is when MK discovered her sexuality as well, and came out at the tender age of 14. Being raised by southern values, MK realized who she was inside, and began to run with is and go against all odds placed in her path.

The song “Pass It” is accompanied by a mesmerizing beat produced by the super talented Hitmaka and Cardiak. With he amazing run that these two producers have been on in the past year, curating so many of pour favorite hits, it’s inevitable that they can add this one one to the arsenal of amazing hit records. With MK’s amazing artists abilities, she is able to blend multiple aspects of Hip Hop, R&B, as well as a little bit of Pop here on this one, to create the ultimate trifecta and craft one of the most memorable hits of the summer. While she is a fairly new artist with a handful of songs out at the moment, her ascension into the game has been something that I will continue to keep my eye on, for I believe she has some amazing star power here, and she has yet to show the world what she is fully capable of.

Watch the visual for “Pass It” below!