Party Life – [Noah Chris]

Noah Chris first made his debut appearance on our platform some weeks ago when he released a joint titled “suninmyeyes”, and just a few days ago he returned with a new three-track pack he deemed “Party Life”. I was impressed the first time around with Noah Chris so I was eager to jump into these songs and get a little more familiar with him, and after running these songs through a few times in my headphones, I am walking away from this an even bigger fan of Noah than I was before. I really liked all of the songs provided here, but my favorite one was easily the track “Life Of The Party” that featured Daniella Hope and Kiela Adira, it was so good but once it hit that beat switch-up in the back half of the song + it got super soulful, I was sold! The other two songs aren’t to be overlooked though, they are nearly just as good in my opinion and are definitely worth replaying a few times. This was a great release all around, much love to Noah Chris + his Closed Sessions team, stream these new songs below!

Produced by Timmy V