Party By Myself – [She Loves Boon] ft. [funeral]

For many artists, the music-making process might just be something simple and easy in order to deliver a song that others will enjoy, regardless of the lyrical content or time that went into bringing the record to life. For others, though, making a song is often a process that not only allows them to reveal some of their innermost feelings and thoughts, but also connect with their audience thanks to an impactful message or narrative.

New York City’s very own She Loves Boon is an up-and-coming talent who describes his sound as “emotional trap”, a style that is definitely prevalent when listening through his discography, but it’s definitely also a sound that is new and innovative, two adjectives that get me to tune in to something new immediately, even if I have no idea what to expect. Boon is an artist that I’ve become familiar with over the last few months, but he’s also someone I know I need to pay a lot more attention to, and every song I listen to from his is another example as to why I need to wake up more and more.

Most recently, the talented rising star debuted his latest release “Party By Myself” via Paper Magazine alongside a full interview, and considering he may not be world-renowned quite yet, I think that this is a massive step in the right direction and should give newcomers even more of a reason to tap in with him. This song also features funeral, an unbelievably talented hyperpop mainstay that has captivated me for the better part of a year, as well as production from loe4t who gives this track a lively, party vibe while still leaving room to implement some important lessons and experiences that Boon has gone through.

While both artists’ vocals are pitched up and manipulated in order to fit the upbeat aesthetic of the song, the meaningful lyrics and narrative that Boon shares shine brighter than anything else, and this is what brings this record full circle, in my own opinion. Not only is “Party By Myself” one of the best songs you’ll hear all month, but the Adam Ginsberg-directed music video takes you through a psychedelic fever dream of sorts, complementing the song magnificently well while also making it an essential addition to your radar as we head into the weekend.