Party – [Ahmad Anonimis] x [N!ne Thousand]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, downtown Atlanta’s Ahmad Anonimis effortlessly floats and soars over the electrifying sounds of his new single “Party.” Produced by N!ne Thousand, the track employs a softly struck melody with seamless flows on top of a bass-heavy atmospheric beat. Likely to put anyone in a trance, Anonimis’s quiet yet noticeable whispers allow the listener to imagine a sensual experience at a very specific romantic scene. Ahmad’s rapping is fierce and efficiently quick, which alludes to the rapid social event happening in real time. Lasting just 160 seconds, the record is all but a momentary blur that you’ll want to experience again; it’s the hangover that remarkably isn’t met with an agonizing headache. Stream “Party” by Anonimis and N!ne Thousand below!