Parkside Baby – [MoneySign Suede]

If you have been tapped in with the West Coast music scene for a while, you should know that there is a new generation of hitmakers paving a way for themselves to thrive off of the intoxicating music. Along with the new generation comes a plethora of new names as well, obviously, and these emcees are doing everything they can to prove themselves as more and more people begin to take note.

One of the most notable emcees currently rising up is MoneySign Suede, a Huntington Park native who not only creates some of the most addicting tracks in the world, but he also has a story to share, and he’s not going to let anything get in the way of his success. He just seems to have the right mindset, knowing that everything is earned and nothing is given, and that is made abundantly clear on his brand-new mixtape Parkside Baby which just dropped a couple of weeks ago.

Although there is a whopping 15 songs on the project, it only runs for a couple of minutes longer than the half-hour mark, but don’t let these quick hits fool you. Whether he is rapping masterfully over bouncy, California-induced instrumentals or slowing things down to dive into his eventful past, Suede does so in a fashion where he is always the star of the show, no matter who joins him on a song.

It’s honestly impressive considering the guests he recruited to join him including Ty Dolla $ign, Fenix Flexin, Remble, Baby Stone Gorillas, and Ralfy the Plug, because if we know one thing, it’s the fact that these musicians don’t come to mess around in the studio. As I mentioned, Suede holds his own and proves that he can hang with renowned stars regardless of their status in the music business, and that’s one of the main takeaways I had while enjoying this awesome new project from the rising California spitter.