Park – [She’Chinah]

The soulfully euphoric stylings of She’Chinah are on full display on her latest single, “Park.” Comprised of a variety of ethereal elements, both from a production and vocal standpoint, the Memphis native sets a stirring precedent for her malleability as an artist. Her latest is a stern departure from the bubbly electricity of her previously released record, establishing a range and depth that has yet to be fully tapped.

Opened by soft piano playing and a barrage of ethereal elements, “Park” sets a magical sonic backdrop for She’Chinah to shine vocally. This soaring display, which is both piercing and tranquil in its delivery, matches the softer, lost-in-space textures created by Teddy Loet, the producer behind the out-of-this-world production. Listeners sit alongside She’Chinah, acting as her most trusted confidant; sitting, listening and instantly understanding her longing for something new, her pleading desire to “break away from this familiar place.” Getting lost during this four-minute testimonial is incredibly easy – which might be the best part.

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