Paris Price delivers on a brand-new project in “Vanity.”

Paris Price’s new EP, Vanity, explores the obsession with beauty and the dangers of excess. As a self-aware artist, Paris shares his experiences of chasing the finer things in life, including beautiful women, vintage cars, fancy restaurants, and nice clothes. While he enjoys living the life he wants, he realizes the importance of not losing himself in it and finding real love.

Paris Price started his music career in 2018 and quickly gained success on social media. He left his military career in 2021 to pursue music full-time and found success as a self-taught celebrity barber in LA. With a deep love for R&B, he showcases his versatility in his art and proves that he cannot be put in a box. Vanity is a reflective and introspective EP that highlights the importance of balance and finding true happiness.

To my surprise and elation, Paris additionally blessed listeners with a brand new visual to my personal favorite track on the project, “Mi Amor,” which was released just this afternoon.

If you’re an RnB fan and haven’t listened to Paris Price, you’ve gotta tap in. Check his latest, Vanity, out on Spotify below!