Paranoid – [Trevor Daniel]

Texas native and personal favorite Trevor Daniel is back today with his latest offering titled “Paranoid”. Over the months, Trevor has continued to keep his fans engaged and beyond happy with the way he delivers his work. From his debut EP Homesick to the video for hit single “Falling”, Trevor and his team consistently deliver with purpose and precision. After asking his fans a few days ago if they wanted a new song, he fulfilled their wishes once again with “Paranoid”. Through his remarkable melodies and favorable tone, Trevor expresses his internal feelings with lyrics that fans will without a doubt relate to. From lines such as “I can’t sleep at night, can’t get you off my mind” to “maybe it’s all in my head, wouldn’t be the first time it played tricks on me”, imagery and memories of some past relationship come to mind for most. Furthermore, “Paranoid” has the potential to be a fan favorite as he prepares his next move. Be sure to stream “Paranoid” on Soundcloud below and follow Trevor on Instagram and Twitter!