Paradise – [Popstar FM]

Though Plugg’s surge in popularity over the past year has led to an incredible proliferation of different artists and scenes, nobody can quite capture the magic of Atlanta and Florida’s cosmic Plugg magic. This week the Atlanta masterminds behind Popstar FM return with Paradise – a new project decorated with features and dreamlike production from the genre’s most in-demand names. Guided by Popstar Benny, Paradise showcases some of the most promising upcoming acts in Plugg over eleven intricately-crafted and hypnotically ethereal mixes. Sporting guest appearances from Tony Shhnow, Bear1boxx, Mercury, and more, Paradise is the perfect project to serve as a soundtrack for your upcoming summer. Whether you get hooked by JohnnyBae’s ominous hip-hop vocals, 1TakeMarcJ’s dulcet tones, or Nolanberollin repeating “quickscope” over a beat pulled straight out of Kingdom Hearts, there’s something for everybody to enjoy on Popstar FM’s latest release. With more music likely planned for the near future, it’s only a matter of time until Popstar Benny and Popstar FM take over the world.

Check out Popstar FM’s Paradise below: