paradise – [angelus]

angelus is someone who has truly changed the way I look at music, both from a writer’s perspective and from a listener’s perspective. Even though they are still in the prime of their teenage years, they just seem to be a sponge who absorbs knowledge and skills from all sorts of different influences, and not a single one of these musical inspirations can be pinpointed as a bite or a mimic. Instead, they almost use their inspirations as a sort of challenge to push their music beyond its limits and ge4t out of their comfort zone, and the results have not only furthered their own career immensely, but it has also furthered the careers of many other hyperpop and digicore friends that angelus works with as regularly as possible.

Now, I have to praise Overcast because I always do when I write about one of their videos, and the fact that they have their hands on the pulse of the most intriguing new artists never fails to impress me, so you knew that I had to write about their latest video for angelus’ song “paradise” that dropped right before the weekend hit. Obviously, Daniel Jordan K directed this movie, and it is just simply remarkable as always.

To fit the song’s overall feel seamlessly, angelus is inside of a pretty bare building, walking through large rooms, standing in doorways, and disappearing behind walls before popping up again from a different direction. The lights are extremely unpredictable, and while they are often blue or white to match the airy, ambient sounds that can be heard throughout the record, there are a few darker scenes and moments of red flashes that accentuate the slightly murkier, more grim lyrics that are spoken in the song.

Along with all of this, of course, there are some amazing visual effects, animations, and edits that alter some of the scenes, taking this from a fairly simplistic visual to something that feels like it was made in another dimension. Although it’s totally unsurprising, Overcast killed the music video for “paradise” and angelus brought the most remarkable vibrancy to this flawless record, making it something you definitely don’t want to pass up for another second.