Parachute – [Sebastian Ade]

Brooklyn singer and songwriter Sebastian Ade and his genre-blending debut “Parachute” are probably one of my best submission finds of the week. Sebastian credits his sound to various inspirations and hardships he had to overcome while growing up. Obstacles ranging from financial problems and moving constantly because his mother was in the military were some of where these problems deviated the most from. Ade started using singing and songwriting as an outlet to escape and build a safe haven to find serenity. Sebastian stated via email that “his longing for community in a world he often feels is averse to openness, where in a world where images of sensitive black men are few and far between” as inspiration. He’s able to team up with fellow Brooklyn based duo Bird Language to construct a soulful masterpiece which serves as a more than impressive debut single.

Stream Sebastian Ade’s single “Parachute” below.