ROCKSTARCLIFF is without a doubt one of the best-kept secrets in Nashville’s rap scene which is one of the country’s best-kept secrets in general and slowly but surely Cliff has been going on an impressive visual run with the help of yarnedits who handles the direction and editing, as well as even producing a few loose tracks here and there. ROCKSTARCLIFF falls into somewhat of the ‘plugnb’ subgenre that has been really picking up steam over the past year and has become in a sense the new de-facto style that is associated with the phrase ‘SoundCloud rap’ at this moment in time, but I feel that the title of plugnb can be almost pejorative especially when describing an artist like Cliff. While his vocals do have an autotuned twist they remain pure and undeterred when many of his counterparts are almost drowned out by it, and that is always quite an impressive feat for me when listening to this style. Lean Sama handled the subdued production and the beat meshed together his skittering and rattling hi-hats with a more ominous and melancholic melody, accented from time to time with an uplifting yet subtle piano riff. Hopefully, ROCKSTARCLIFF can begin to develop more and more of an audience as he continues to more clearly find his voice as an artist because he is without a doubt talented enough to stick around for a while.