Paid For It – [Wiz Khalifa] x [Chevy Woods]

Just a couple days ago when I covered Wiz Khalifa’s last release I ended the article saying that I expected him to drop more music soon, and sure enough today he is back with his brand new offering titled “Paid For It” featuring his right-hand man Chevy Woods. Wiz started this one off of the right note with a killer verse leading into a super melodic hook, before getting right back to the raps, paving the way for Chevy! By the time that Chevy Woods jumped on the beat I was on the edge of my seat eager to see what he would do, he casually stepped up to the plate and hit a home run to close out a great song! Wiz isn’t going to stop applying the pressure it seems, so if you weren’t already, make sure you follow him here to keep up with his future content.