paid for it – [juno] & [jaydes]

Although it feels like hyperpop is a genre that is bigger than anything else right now, I think that has to do with my own listening habits and the news/releases that I personally pay attention to. Clearly, it’s a genre that is still heavily underground and very niche but considering my social media newsfeeds are filled with brand-new drops, various artists, and so much love being shown to up-and-comers, it just feels like it’s a movement that’s so much bigger than it actually is.

Well, I have no doubt in my mind that this is the future of music. Even if the mainstream media isn’t going to show it too much attention beyond the likes of superstars like 100 Gecs, glaive, midwxst, or ericdoa, I am always going to show love to artists that truly deserve it. Juno is a musician who is at the very top of my list. Back in July, juno dropped what appears to be a 3 song EP called open your moirai, and even though it came up just short of 5 minutes long, it was a quick offering that I was a massive fan of.

As most hyperpop fans know, these artists don’t take breaks often, so while it wasn’t a surprise to see that he dropped another single entitled “paid for it” just a few days ago, new songs are still much appreciated from my perspective. This one is a collaboration with jaydes and features insanely good production, but when you have beat smiths like Zetra, Sham, and 99 working on the instrumental, you should expect nothing less than the best. As the song goes on, juno handles the hook and the hook only, displaying some fervently catchy lines as the extensive chorus extends onwards.

For jaydes verse, though, he introduced himself to me with a variety of nonchalant yet well-executed lines that give off this effortless vibe that is overshadowed by just how intriguing his sound is overall. I think it would be a bald-faced lie to say that juno might take a break moving forward, so although I’m excited to see what else he has in store as time moves on, I’m equally as thrilled that “paid for it” turned out as remarkably as it did!