OVO Artist Roy Woods Shares “Don’t Love Me”

As the debate continues about R&B still being alive, OVO singer Roy Wood is an artist keeping the momentum going. The talent Roy displays is undeniable and his latest single “Don’t Love Me,” is a reminder that the Ontario artist deserves your attention in 2023. The R&B crooner has a way with his words that captures your ears and your soul and instantly makes you feel connected to him through music. If his wordplay on “Dont Love Me,” wasn’t enough, the LegitLooks directed video took the production to another level as he perfectly captivates the roller coaster ride that comes with dating nowadays.

“I loved making this video because of how real it is,” Roy shared. “Going through that right now in my own life, and knowing others are going through it too and just don’t say anything. This song helps paint a picture of our own BS as men and our thoughts when we do what we do.”

Last summer, Roy announced that his Mixed Emotions album was set to be released. However, he revealed in an interview with Boardroom that he decided to scrap that project. Hopefully, we get a new album sometime this year.

Take some time to watch “Don’t Love Me,” below.