Overstayed – [808vic] feat. [Cozy Kiyo]

808vic carries familiarity, technical skill, originality, and an abstract way of constructing his rhymes that makes him exciting to listen to every time. The Lagos-born rap artist is now based in London but still holds himself to the words of his mother reassuring him and his siblings of their destined path in music.

His latest single, “Overstayed,” featuring Cozy Kiyo, is brought to life by whirling production that compliments 808vic’s laid back tone while accentuating the phrasing of his rhymes and effortless sounding approach to a pocket that is not by any degree easy to catch. Touching on life, blessings, downfalls through a varied set of flows, 808vic quickly proves his technical skill while composing a story surrounding self-improvement. Cozy Kiyo provides a complementary contrast to the laidback confidence of vic by approaching the track with no restraint, commanding your attention, and reaffirming his drive “to elevate.” For those looking for a rapper who is coloring outside the lines, look no further than 808vic.

Listen to “Overstayed” by 808vic featuring Cozy Kiyo below.