overpaid – [aldn] ft. [Tom the Mail Man]

It’s honestly hard to think of an artist who has put in as much work as aldn has this year. Notice how I said “as much”, because I really don’t think that anyone has been able to exceed his output whatsoever. I mean, the 21-year-old has released numerous projects, tons of music videos, and he has been on a few tours including his recent debut headlining tour that sold out in major cities all over the country including New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and Boston, amongst other meccas.

With so much going on, I feel like it should be impossible to not only make the amount of music that he has but also ensure that everything is as high quality as it is, so for that and plenty of other things, I give him all the props in the entire world. Earlier this month, the Virginia native dropped yet another EP entitled post spring self destruction that boasts 7 songs running just under 19 minutes, and with features like Tom the Mail Man as well as Riovaz, you already know how impeccable this effort was bound to be.

When I saw that he dropped a Tommy Kiljoy-directed visual for the EP’s opener “overpaid” featuring Tom the Mail Man, I had to see what he had in store. It can be hard to make every single video completely different, so considering this one takes us on the road with him as he heads from stage to stage across the country, it wasn’t a new concept but it was certainly something I love to see.

I just enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at what artists do on tour since I’ve never had the pleasure of joining one of these expeditions, and all of aldn’s BTS footage gives me severe FOMO every time I see it. There’s no telling where aldn’s career is going to go next, but if there is one thing I’m 100% certain of, it’s the fact that he’s going to continue to turn heads with the undeniably great music that he has been making for years!