Over 85 – [Hojean]

One of my favorite genres to have emerged in this incredibly experimental time is the hybrid mixture of Pop and Alternative R&B. This multifaceted soundscape is comprised of a ton of heart and contrastingly lighthearted live instrumentation that compliments the bright and dark themes of the genres range. Fans of this artful sound should be incredibly familiar with the talents of Hojean and his ability to swoon as an artist that is quickly on the rise. The Georgia based singer-songwriter’s newly released single, “Over 85,” is a palpable love ballad that embodies love’s powerful feeling of longing, sacrifice and blind impulse. Throwing caution to the wind, Hojean speeds towards his love with complete disregard for his surroundings allowing love’s strength to lead the way. Although he has been actively releasing music for several years, Hojean’s most recent releases are the start of an exciting moment in any artist’s career who is clearly stepping into their own.

Listen to “Over 85” by Hojean below.