Outside – [SoGone SoFlexy]

Would you believe me if I said that I’ve been waiting almost a year to write this article? When I was first introduced to the Texas rapper SoGone SoFlexy last summer, I was immediately sold on his heavy and psychedelic take on Southern Rap. Tracks like “Big Wide Body” and “Nueces County” felt incredibly futuristic while reverent to the past – paying a clear homage to those like DJ Screw that preceded him. Then radio silence. A year has passed without new music from SoGone SoFlexy – but as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’m pretty fucking fond right now as I celebrate the long-awaited return of the Corpus Christi rapper and his new single “Outside”. a hypnotic and distorted banger that features elements of Texas and Atlanta colliding in effortless harmony. From track’s glittering instrumentation to its hard-hitting bass signals, “Outside” is a pristine reintroduction to one of hip-hop’s most interesting new faces – and it was well worth the wait. Does the release of “Outside” mean that more music is to come soon? Only the powers that be know that – or honestly, maybe another outlet. I’m not working from a press release or anything, I’m operating solely off the hype that some amazing music instilled in me a year ago. I pray that “Outside” serves as a harbinger for new music on the horizon, but if I’m wrong, I’m still just happy we got something from SoGone SoFlexy this year.

Check out SoGone SoFlexy’s new banger “Outside” below: