OUTOFTHEBLU – [Dave Coresh]

Dave Coresh is someone who has been contributing to the Chicago music community for a decade-plus now, he is a key figure in the city’s growth and today he is back on our website with his brand new music video for “OUTOFTHEBLU”. Dave Coresh now resides in Los Angeles and he spends his time not only creating his music, but he makes all of his own beats and even directs his own music videos. Odds are, once you press play on this new visual below, the first thing that will stick out to you in just how creative this one is, not only sonically but visually too. I swear when I watched this music video for the first time, I was just wondering in my head “How did he do this”. It’s super unique and abstract, it matched the chill type of record that he created here, and it has a ton of replay value seeing that I’ve already run it back about ten times through. Do yourself a favor and watch this brand new visual below!