Out Of Time – [HappyBirthdayCalvin]

Chicago artist HappyBirthdayCalvin has made quite the name for himself during the past couple of years, and today he is back with his first release of 2020, coming in the form of a brand new track titled “Out Of Time”. HappyBirthdayCalvin is one of the best new artists that the city has to offer because he has been putting himself in a position to be viewed as a straight-up hitmaker, and he is only strengthening that reputation with this new release, because this one SLAPS! It’s an anthem-like feeling song that I can see as a soundtrack for a movie or television show in the future, and at bare minimum, it’s going to be a slapper that will help make his musical catalog stand out. HappyBirthdayCalvin is in a good position, with the help of his ATS & Hitco family, the sky is the limit for this kid. Stream his brand new offering via Soundcloud below + if you like the track then be sure to share it with a friend.