Out My Way – [Maka] ft. [Donald Grunge]

Consistent as he may be all year round, it goes without saying that Massachusetts native Maka comes into full form during the spring and summertime. Something about his sound makes perfect sense during the warmer months, and today, Maka shows this off with his annual spring and summer campaign, dropping off a new single entitled “Out My Way” alongside fellow MA artist Donald Grunge.

Produced by Brockton, MA native Isaiah Valmont, this collaboration between three of the state’s most promising talents is certainly an exciting one on paper, and the song is sure to deliver. Maka and Grunge find a creatively ambitious balance of sparkling, loosely-flowing deliveries, and the real wind under their sails arrives in the concoction of melody both in the production and in their vocals. In such a manner, “Out My Way” feels like everyone is on the same page and roaring with energy, making this one a must-listen.

Be sure to check out the song below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Produced By Isaiah Valmont