Out My Face – [Lou Phelps] & [KAYTRANADA]

Canadian hitmaker KAYTRANADA seems to always work with so many talented yet not entirely well-known artists, at least not musicians that I’m aware of quite yet. I am a big fan of this, though, because almost any time I see his name as a credit on a song, I make a point to tune in and see what he made, but almost every single time, there is this a great chance that I end up becoming a supporter of the emcee on the track just as much as I am of KAYTRA. I have come across so many rappers, singers, and other talents over the years thanks to KAYTRA, and the most recent emcee he helped put me onto is Lou Phelps.

As with plenty of other cases, Lou is a fellow Montreal musician, and although I always admit that this northern scene is way too slept on, they’re just vibing and having a great time, but if you don’t believe me, just listen to Lou’s record “Out My Face”. I’m used to KATRANADA utilizing a similar rhythm for hip-hop songs for the most part, but he switches things up and differentiates this instrumental perfectly to set Lou up to show off his talents. As he spits, there isn’t a doubt in his mind that he’s the smoothest emcee in the world, and while his cadences never get too complicated, this unforced disposition is the perfect accompaniment to such a silky beat.

The graceful nature of this record isn’t lost in the Igal Perets-directed music video either, as Lou vibes out in a handful of settings, hits up clubs to DJ, and just shows off what it’s like to live the life of a successful performer. I am beyond grateful for another awesome KAYTRANADA-produced banger, and as my knowledge of the Montreal scene continues to expand, so does my playlist.