Out Da Box – [Ola Runt]

Despite still being locked behind bars Atlanta Zone 6 representative Ola Runt has been consistent and prolific with his musical output and is still showing no signs of slowing down despite having been gone for several months now. “Out Da Box” is Runt’s latest visual that was brought to life by an Atlanta based dance group whose performance matched Ola’s in both energy and swagger and it is interesting to watch Ola and his team innovate with his videos as he obviously cannot currently be on camera but nonetheless still manages to put out captivating visuals. The menacing and upbeat production was supplied by Beyondrich YT and the video’s direction and editing was handled by Benji Flores. Keep your head up Ola, all of us cannot wait until you come back and drop some new music and I can say firsthand that in his hometown of Atlanta his absence is being felt greatly.