Our 50 Favorite Wiz Khalifa Songs

In the music world, influence manifests itself in many different ways. Whether it be sonically — changing the sounds that artists use and often creating some sort of new trend and/or subgenre in the process — or aesthetically — changing the “cool” styles in music and the lifestyles that artists speak about in their songs — influence can arrive packaged as a quick viral moment or a lasting flame, both of which hold value in their own rights. 

Pittsburgh’s own, the Taylor Gang representative himself, Wiz Khalifa, is one of the rare talents who comes around and entirely shifts the culture in both of the aforementioned ways. Especially when he first came out, Wiz’s lanky, tattooed build and effortlessly cool stoner lifestyle made him a genuinely alluring artist, and while his personal style (snapbacks, the dyed patch of hair, etc.) was worthy of mention, the music was there to back it all up. Simply put, Wiz’s style, both on the mic and off, quickly set a standard for creatives and other artists to congregate toward, marking him as one of music’s most underrated culture-shifters of the last decade or so.

Even further, beyond the influence that Wiz has had on a national and even international scale, his unwavering devotion to Pittsburgh, in particular, perfectly shows why Wiz embodies the idea of a “hometown hero.” The best example of this is with “Black and Yellow,” when the Pittsburgh representative put on for his city and not only made the soundtrack for Pittsburgh sports, but also turned a song meant for the city to rally behind into a bona fide hit, taking over mainstream charts in the process. Hell, Wiz even proved to be an influential factor in the art of social media marketing, as his early utilization of platforms like Twitter and live streaming made him a guinea pig for a lot of the modern marketing tactics that we see labels and artists use now. Time and time again, Wiz Khalifa has proven to be a man of the people, of the culture, and of his city, and for that, we simply can’t underrate his importance as an artist. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that Wiz has done all this seemingly without ever breaking the calm, cool, and collected personality that he so naturally exudes.

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Today, we here at Lyrical Lemonade are here to show some love to Wiz with a list of our favorite 50 songs of his. Based on the sheer volume and quality of Wiz’s catalog, this list was a daunting task between national hits and stellar deep cuts, but the following order is what we were able to come up with — a list not only based on musical merit, but also on the impact that these songs have had and continue to have on the culture of hip-hop that we know and love. Enjoy, and let us know of any songs we may have missed in the comments!

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50 • Bed Rest Freestyle

Starting off our list is a cut from 2012 that Wiz released titled “Bed Rest Freestyle”, a loosie that has grown into a fan favorite. You will find Wiz getting introspective on this cut while also making it sonically pleasing, yeah he is still talking his shit but if you pay close attention he’s spitting some knowledge. This joint is a perfect example of Wiz showcasing his storytelling skills, painting a picture so vivid that you almost feel like you’re right there with him, especially on the back end of the track.

Produced by Sledgren

49 • KK Ft. Juicy J & Project Pat

One huge milestone in Wiz Khalifa’s career was launching his own strain of weed called “Khalifa Kush”, and on his 2014 project Blacc Hollywood he gave us the smoking anthem for the strain with “KK”. The release of this project is special to me because I remember exactly where I was when it came out, back on Mallard Lane chilling with the homie Kevin and waiting patiently for Blacc Hollywood to drop at midnight. After a late night of bingeing to the project I enjoyed plenty of the songs provided, but the one that stuck out to me was this banger that had two stellar features from the LEGENDS Juicy J & Project Pat.

Produced by Jim Jonsin, Finatik N Zac, & JayFrance

48 • 420 Freestyle

Rolling Papers 2 had Wiz Khalifa fans eager especially considering just how good the first one was, and one of my favorite joints off of the second installation was definitely “420 Freestyle”. The Mike Will Made-It production on this song was INSANE, it felt like you were in a whirlwind of sorts and once Wiz let loose “I was coolin on the block with a big ass joint!” you knew he was about to go stupid, and he seemingly didn’t take a single breath for the whole three minutes.

Produced by Mike WiLL Made-It & 30 Roc

47 • Toast

Deservedly so, Wiz and Curren$y grabbed several spots on this list with all of the timeless collaborations they’ve gifted us with in the past, and “Toast” is one that we simply couldn’t pass up. Jazzy and laid-back as can be, this anthemic offering is easy-going, infectious, and best of all, a fantastic reflective release from Wiz on all of the success that his career has yielded. Per usual, both Wiz and Curren$y bring out the best in one another, and the result is a stellar lyrical performance from each of the two rap legends.

Produced by Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y

46 • Glass House

Kush and OJ is one of those rare projects that not only gets better with age, but always seems to grow alongside its listeners and never get old. Amongst the project’s finest cuts is an undeniable classic that we had to mention, “Glass House.” Pairing Wiz up with Curren$y and Big K.R.I.T., this all-star cast of characters gave us one of the project’s smoothest and most energetic offerings, making for an undeniable slap that you can listen to just about anywhere.

Produced by Big K.R.I.T.

45 • Real Rich Ft. Gucci Mane

Wiz has mastered several different styles and flows that he has created over the years, but it’s an awesome feeling when he just jumps on a knocking instrumental and really starts talking that shit! The only thing that can be better than Wiz on the beat is his good homie Gucci Mane joining him, and together they created a classic that the fans will be blasting for years to come.

Produced by E. Dan

44 • Rise Above Ft. Pharrell, Tuki Carter, and Amber Rose

Packaged with features from Pharrell, Tuki Carter, and even Amber Rose, “Rise Above” was a must for our list mainly because of how thoughtful this release truly is. Clearly, Wiz Khalifa has been one of the most successful rappers of the past decade or so, and to hear him reflect on success and growth over such a lush instrumental is truly a beautiful sight to see. “Rise Above” is not only one the standout offerings on O.N.I.F.C., but it’s also one of the most intimate, refreshing releases in his entire catalog.

Produced by Pharrell Williams

43 • Universal Studios

This collaboration between Wiz Khalifa and one of the rap world’s legendary producers, Alchemist, “Universal Studios” was bound to be a hit years before its release when a snippet of Wiz rapping along to the song in the studio first hit the internet. I vividly remember saving the snippet to my phone because of how much I loved the song, and once it was finally released, nothing but magic was delivered, as the soulful production and effortless cool match up to create a one-of-a-kind song. Furthermore, the ingrained groove to “Universal Studios” makes it the kind of track that you throw on repeat without even thinking twice, making this one a must on our list of Wiz’s best songs.

Produced by Alchemist

42 • FrFr Ft. Lil Skies

Aside from his extensive musical talent, Wiz has always had a good ear for new rising artists and has at often times been the first “big look” for an artist by working with them early on and helping them rise to fame a little faster than they may have. I believe it’s safe to say that Wiz was very quick & early to get in tune with Lil Skies, who has been blowing up over the past year & some change, and in turn, we got blessed with his energetic anthem.

Produced by E. Dan & Nostxlgic

41 • Ink My Whole Body

I don’t have any tattoos yet, but maaaaannn this song had everyone wanting to get inked up some years ago, I can’t prove it but I am positive he is responsible for hundreds if not thousands of people getting their first tat. I can at least speak for at least a few of my close homies & peers getting inked back in high school, isn’t it crazy that Wiz has had such a massive influence that it transcended music and went into tattoos? The way that Wiz flowed on this song with such swag and braggadocios is admirable to say the least, he was truly resembling the superstar lifestyle that he was living, not to mention it feels SO GOOD to see Wiz rocking the big ass Pittsburgh chain in this video.

Produced by Johnny Juliano

40 • Comb Over

Despite the fact that Wiz Khalifa only raps on about 60% of the instrumental here, “Comb Over” is an undeniable favorite of ours because of how well it reflects the lifestyle that makes Wiz’s music so special. Even when he just talks and jokes around on the mic, Wiz grabs the attention of listeners, and it’s always refreshing to the organic allure of his vocals and lyrics. “Comb Over” is as relaxed and carefree as it gets, making a feel-good, success-minded anthem that you can’t help but love. And hey, whenever Wiz hops on some soulful production, it’s always going to be something special.

Produced by Ricky P

39 • Fly Solo

Whether jumping on melodic party anthems, relaxed lyrically-minded cuts, or even acoustic songs, Wiz Khalifa is one of music’s most versatile artists in recent memory, and “Fly Solo” is undeniable proof. While this raw, guitar-based offering may show us Wiz in a rare form, it has undeniably aged as one of Rolling Papers‘ most unique, memorable tracks for more reasons than one. Even beyond the gentle production, it’s an inspiring moment to hear Wiz speak on his success as an independent, forward-thinking artist, and consequently, it’s a candid offering that’s just as easy to throw on for motivation as it is for a party.

Produced by E. Dan

38 • Homicide

Cabin Fever remains one of my favorite projects from Wiz mainly because of its timing. The project felt like a picture-perfect conclusion to a fantastic summer, and songs like “Homicide” are perfect examples of why, using lush instrumentation and effortless braggadocio to lead the charge. Weighing in at number 38 on our list, this track is also a great representation of Wiz’s long-developed relationship with Chevy Woods, whom he always seems to perform best around.

Produced by RMB Justize & DJ Spinz

37 • Medicated Ft. Chevy Woods & Juicy J

Wiz has made quite possibly the most weed related jams out of any artist ever, and if you asked a random Wiz fan about some of their favorite records from him, the odds are that “Medicated” featuring Chevy Woods & Juicy J is in that conversation. Much love to Danja who produced this instrumental because it fucking SLAPS, and once this trio of mega-talented emcees with their special chemistry hopped on the beat it was game over.

Produced by Danja

36 • Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor

One thing that I believe Wiz has done better than a lot of his fellow artists is how much he has bigged up his fans over the years, he made his Taylor Gang fans who genuinely loved his music feel like they were the coolest motherfuckers with tunes like “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor”. This is something that Wiz has done throughout his career with other tracks as well, but there was nothing like being a huge Wiz fan + Taylor Gang supporter then hearing a cut like this one, simply empowering his fans from all over the globe. Whether you have been a fan of this song for nearly a decade or are just now getting familiar with it, you can throw it on and instantly catch a vibe. I love this song but I also love this visual so much, it feels like a time capsule, it captured a beautiful moment in time that we can all go back to for just a few minutes.

Original Song: Geto Boys — “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta (Prod. John Bido]

35 • No Sleep

Wiz Khalifa has released a plethora of party hits throughout his career, but one of my favorites has always been “No Sleep.” From the captivating deliveries to Wiz’s alluring energy, entrancing charisma, and ever-so-catchy melodies, this is a timeless sing-a-long that I’m sure we all associate with some great memories. Without making things too complicated, it’s a quintessential glance into a carefree, fun energy that any listener can relate to, and further, it’s a lovable representation of Wiz’s innate hit-making capabilities. Now excuse me as I throw this nostalgic banger on repeat for the rest of the day.

Produced by Benny Blanco

34 • California

Released all the way back in 2011, “California” is a perfect soundtrack to the innate beauty of CA and the sun-soaked, weed-burning paradise that Wiz paints it to be in the song. It is with this offering that we see a perfect balance between Wiz’s easy-going charisma and legitimate technical skill, as he drops off some dense verses while rounding things out with truly one of the catchiest hooks in his entire catalog. Only adding to the appeal here, the beach-set music video finds Wiz and his friends having a great time on the beach, matching the easy-going charm of the song and cementing it as a must-listen for any Wiz Khalifa fans, new or old.

Produced by Cardo

33 • Bluffin Ft. Berner

Wiz and Berner’s close relationship is easy to understand when you hear the raw chemistry in their collaborative efforts, just as “Bluffin” attests to. There’s something mysteriously and undeniably alluring about the vivid pictures they paint of such a relaxed, lavish way of living, and further, there’s an innate quality of songs like “Bluffin” that make them feel like dreams in and of themselves. This song, in particular, is an undeniable standout not only from O.N.I.F.C. but in Wiz’s catalog as a whole, capturing one of the many reasons that he’s considered a prominent and legendary “lifestyle” artist.

Produced by Drumma Boy

32 • Chewy

Deal or No Deal may show us Wiz Khalifa at a very young age, but hearing the crisp creative direction of his music and the intangible characteristics that we all know and love Wiz for at such an early stage of his career is simply magnificent. “Chewy” seems to be a generally agreed upon favorite for some of Wiz’s older fans, featuring a melodic, uplifting instrumental that has helped shape a lot of Wiz’s later work and even his overall style. Beyond being a timeless song, however, “Chewy” is a reminder of how good Wiz was as a young artist as well as how far he has come since, making this track a vastly memorable point in his career.

Produced by E. Dan & Josh Everette

31 • Something New Ft. Ty Dolla $ign

In my opinion, the magic that Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign have created is criminally underrated. Something about these two legendary artists just clicks, matching their melodic styles in ways that go far beneath the surface. In all of the duo’s unbelievable efforts, though, “Something New” is definitely one of our favorites, marking a sun-soaked, feel-good moment during which Wiz and Ty were at their inarguable best. And hey, this song may be from 2017, but there’s something about it that could easily turn this one into 2019’s song of the summer. “Something New” never gets old, so we just had to include this one on the list.

Produced by Ayo The Producer, KEYZBABY, & Hitmaka

30 • Were Done

When I first got the idea to rank some of my favorite Wiz Khalifa songs in a list, I thought that being an avid fan it was going to be pretty simple, but man it is TOUGH trying to pick my favorites out of his massive catalog. This is easily one of my favorite cuts from Wiz of all time, his performance on this track cannot be overlooked, one of his most well put together songs in my opinion. It’s an extremely infectious and feel good song that can uplift your mood in a matter of seconds, it’s one of those rare joints that never loses that “first time you listen to it” feeling.

While we’re young, one!

Produced by Kajmir Royale


29 • Hopes and Dreams

One of the best joints off of Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers album is without a doubt the spacey, slow-tempo cut “Hopes and Dreams”. Wiz rapped over some excellent production here that had multiple layers to it, and he switched up his flows as well as the speed at which he spits them at different points to complement the beat, all in all making a memorable record that just feels like your floating on a cloud in paradise.

Produced by Brandon Carrier

28 • The Kid Frankie

Ahhhh The Kid Frankie, one of the favorites for many Wiz Khalifa fans across the globe, and a great nickname for everyone I ever met named Frank. It’s a popular fan favorite off of Kush & Orange Juice, and it’s simply one of those cuts that damn near every Wiz fan knows word for word.

Produced by Big Jerm

27 • Timeless

“Timeless” weighs in at number 27 on our list because, well, it’s timeless. As old as this song may be in age, it never loses its soulful, untouchable spirit, proving one of the very reasons why Wiz jumped on people’s radars in the first place. He balances dense lyricism, impressive bars, and easygoing, lofty choruses with inimitable ease, showing early signs of one of rap’s most consistent hitmakers of the past decade.

Produced by DJ Rockstar

26 • Hot Now

One of my favorite cuts off of the well-received Rolling Papers 2 album was the track “Hot Now”, which is finding it’s way on our list at number 26! This is one of the slower Wiz records included on this list, he took a chance on this cut to really get reflective and drop some knowledge on his listeners, but don’t think that that’s all he gave us. This track is unique because it has a building slowly but surely type of feel, at first Wiz is rhyming slower with more of a direct approach, but once the beat picks up about a minute into this joint, he switches up his flow to a rather quick pace.

Produced by Bobby Raps & TM88

25 •  The Check Point

Wiz and Curren$y are a team that can’t lose, and the soul-stricken cut “The Check Point” marks one of their finest moments as a duo. Trading verses back and forth over the hypnotic charm of a vocal sample, this song acts as an ode to success, reminding listeners not to take their feet off the break and to live their life, work hard, and enjoy themselves, regardless of the naysayers and obstacles that may come in the way. Sure, Wiz and Curren$y’s music may be based around a rockstar kind of lifestyle, but songs like this remind us of the work that brought them the success they have today. For these reasons and more, “The Check Point” plays both sides as both an in-the-moment anthem and a song of great ambition and excitement for the future, making it a soundtrack to so many milestone moments in our lives.

Produced by Sledgren

24 • On My Level Ft. Too $hort

We may be partially accustomed to hearing Wiz Khalifa over airy, feel-good production, but that’s not to say he can’t switch things up whenever he sees fit. With “On My Level,” Wiz proves it, jumping on some menacing production while gifting fans with a head-turning collaboration alongside Too $hort. He matches the ominous, almost haunting melodies of the production without any friction whatsoever, and resulting is a track that I often find myself rewinding just to catch the magic of each and every moment.

Produced by Jim Jonsin

23 • Bake Sale Ft. Travis Scott

An undeniable cut from Wiz Khalifa’s fifth studio album, Khalifa is the trap centered weed anthem, “Bake Sale” featuring Travis Scott. Although this wasn’t our first introduction into a melodic trap Wiz, who we previously heard on his mixtape 28 Grams, this was our first time hearing him link with Travis. The release of “Bake Sale” was a tactical choice from Khalifa who had enough foresight to notice the direction Hip Hop was heading in and choosing to capitalize on it. The landscape of Hip Hop would rapidly begin to change in 2016 with the release and dominance of more melodic centered trap music.

Produced by GSP, Southside, Crazy Mike, DJ Spinz, Lex Luger, TM88, & Juicy J

22 • Paperbond

“Paperbond” has always felt like a quintessential example of what the “Wiz Khalifa sound” really is; it’s airy, it’s relaxed, and it’s unique in an almost indescribable way. Something about tracks like these makes listeners feel like Wiz’s vocals wash right over them, and the floating sensation that the production gives off only adds to the track’s presentation. Additionally, in all honesty, weighing in at number 22 on our list, “Paperbond” works in a strange way that I’m not sure any other artist has ever really tapped into, highlighting the one-on-one style that Wiz Khalifa has become known for.

Produced by I.D. Labs

21 • When I’m Gone

As shown in several releases on this list, Wiz Khalifa is one of the best artists to listen when it comes to living in the moment. Just as this infectious Rolling Papers classic tells us, tomorrow is never guaranteed, so it’s always important not to be so hard on ourselves. Every day is a gift, so enjoy it — and while you’re at it, throw “When I’m Gone” on repeat. Every second of this anthemic song justifies its ranking.

Produced by E. Dan & Big Jerm

20 • See You Again

Meant as a tribute to the passing of Fast & Furious’s Paul Walker, “See you Again” is one of Wiz Khalifa’s most commercially successful releases. Off of sentimental value alone, this track packs a world of emotion into one release, taking note of the song’s purpose with a careful and thoughtful tone in the process. Per usual, it’s a reminder that Wiz can truly make any kind of music for any reason at any given moment, and even more importantly, it’s a song that fans of Wiz and Fast & Furious will remember until the end of time as a classic, well-executed tribute to a legend.

Produced by Kevin Weaver, Mike Caren, Andrew Cedar, Charlie Puth, & DJ Frank E

19 • Hopeless Romantic Ft. Swae Lee

We all know that Wiz Khalifa is known for his hitmaking capabilities, so when he teams up with a fellow hitmaker like Swae Lee, it only makes sense that the result is yet another chart-topping effort to add to the list. In such a way, “Hopeless Romantic” captures emotion without compromising applicability, making this a song that any fan can bump regardless of where they’re at in life. Both Wiz and Swae know just what to say at all the right times, and commercial success aside, “Hopeless Romantic” is a deeply impressive release from a songwriting point of view considering just how honest and true-to-self it feels.

Produced by Young Chop & CBMIX

18 • The Race

Being that it was his major label debut, Rolling Papers was an inflection point in Wiz Khalifa’s career. It presented a moment for Pittsburgh’s own to step up to the plate and show what he had, and just as expected, Wiz knocked it out of the park, making a brilliant project that I always find myself revisiting. One track, in particular, that exemplifies the attitude of this album is “The Race.” Backed by a breezy, refreshing instrumental and woven into a naturally energetic sound, “The Race” allowed Wiz to provide a balanced reflection on past and future successes, daydreaming, and living in the moment all at once. It’s ambitious yet deeply grateful for the now, making this one of Wiz’s finest cuts and a perfect choice for #18 on our list.

Produced by E. Dan & Big Jerm

17 • Young Wild & Free W/ Snoop Dogg

Originally released as part of the soundtrack for Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg’s stoner classic, Mac and Devin Go to High School, the simple, piano-based beat and feel-good instrumental of “Young, Wild, & Free” captured the party-minded energy of an entire generation. This is the kind of song that I’m sure we’ve all screamed at the top of our lungs on a summer night surrounded by friends, and consequently so, the nostalgia and good times woven into this offering make it one of Wiz and Snoop’s most prized collaborations — an anthem not only for the stoner world, but for everyone that enjoys having a carefree, good time, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Produced by The Smeezingtons

16 • Work Hard Play Hard

“Work Hard Play Hard” is a perfect thesis statement for Wiz Khalifa’s career. While he may be known for his relaxed, stoner lifestyle, Wiz is also an undeniable star, and I can assure you that he had to put in some serious work to get here. Upon its release, this song became a motivational anthem mainly in the sports world, but needless to say, fans all over can relate to the sentiment at hand, reminding us all that as hard as we need to work to become successful, it’s just as important to play hard and enjoy the time you have.

Produced by Benny Blanco & StarGate

15 • B.A.R.

Those with ears privy enough to have been aware of the rising rapper from Philadelphia marveled at the release of Khalifa’s most iconic mixtapes, Burn After Rolling. The project’s opening track, “B.A.R.” set the perfect atmosphere for the highly anticipated mixtape of 2009 that continued to validate the talent and growing presence Wiz was having outside of his hometown. Wiz’s lyrical exhibition holds no punches, coming out of the gate swinging proving early on that his success as a rapper came from his ability as a lyricist and conceptual creative. Additionally, you can’t deny the timeless Pink Floyd sample on this one.

Produced by DTSpacely

14  • Black and Yellow

Geographical identity is an obsession within rap, and “Black and Yellow” played this up to the most extreme of levels, becoming the soundtrack to the entire city of Pittsburgh and all of its sports teams, musicians, and everyone in between. Even further, sporting the iconic colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers, this song may have based its identity around Wiz’s hometown, but it quickly became a career-defining moment for him aside from this, as the anthemic lyrics and hard-hitting instrumental turned “Black and Yellow” into a national and even global hit. Looking back, I’m sure we all have some great memories attached to this timeless song, and for that reason, it’s a perfect example the timelessness that Wiz’s music possesses simply by being true to itself and its identity, geographically and beyond.

Produced by StarGate

13 • We Dem Boyz

Aside from being one of Wiz Khalifa’s most commercially successful songs, “We Dem Boyz” was an anthem for the trend-setting, “cool”-defining influence of Wiz and the Taylor Gang, marking their arrival into the spotlight with a bang. Simply by proclaiming “We Dem Boyz” over the thunderous instrumental, Wiz created a “takeover” moment around his success with this song, and one that rap heads all over will surely remember for decades to come. Beyond this, just as iconic as the song is the Atlanta-based, rap artifact of a music video, featuring countless cameos from Rich Homie Quan all the way to Young Thug, Ty Dolla $ign, Big K.R.I.T., and more.

Produced by Detail

12 • Up

Wiz Khalifa’s stoner-lullaby “Up” is treasured by Khalifa fans everywhere, with many able to recount the exact moment they heard the song for the first time. It’s one of many blissed-out weed anthems in Khalifa’s catalog that stands out as a necessity when compiling a list such as this. It’s this intangible factor of the ascension-based song that makes it beloved by fans all over the world. Wiz at this point in his career was on a hot streak, dropping mixtapes every few months each packed with tracks that were sure to be heard for decades to come. “Up” is one of those song’s we all have a memory associated with and that is one of the most rewarding things we gain as fans.

Produced by XO

11 • The Plan Ft. Juicy J

Wiz’s fourth studio album, O.N.I.F.C. was an ode to his ever-growing lifestyle as a business mogul and his continued dedication to Mary Jane.  His track, “The Plan,” finds Wiz reminiscing on his current situation, gauging his growth as an artist and admiring his to-do list. A special part of “The Plan” comes from its feature from fellow Taylor Gang member Juicy J. The track at its core relies on synth-heavy production that strikes a familiar chord to Khalifa fans who experienced the same style on his early mixtapes. The back-to-my-roots decision on the production side recreates the initial energy we first felt when we heard Wiz, this time he is older, wiser and leading the charge.

Produced by I.D. Labs

10 • Cabin Fever

The release of Wiz Khalifa’s 9-track mixtape Cabin Fever was a defiant sign of versatility from the Philly rapper who released his standout mixtape Kush And Orange Juice a year prior. The impressive follow-up showcased Khalifa’s ability to out-due himself, even when all eyes were watching. The mixtape’s title track, “Cabin Fever” can be recognized by Taylor Gang affiliates from its opening chords reminiscent of slasher films. The ominous production leads into an iconic opening line from Khalifa, “red hat black chucks black 501’s on / that’s your baby momma but her number’s in my iPhone.” If you’re lucky enough to catch a performance of this infamous Khalifa cut live, be prepared to sing along.

Produced by Uneek Beatz

9 • Car Service W/ Curren$y

Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y are on rap’s few undefeated duos. Whenever these two join forces, you know that something special is about to occur, and the entire How Fly mixtape was evidence of this. From the first song to the last, both artists were locked all the way in, pushing their legacies further into the stoner rap subculture that they helped birth while letting loose some of the best rhymes of their careers. “Car Service” is an undeniable standout from this project, as the bounce of the sample-based instrumental and the decadent chorus give it the flair it needs to become an inarguable classic.

Produced by Sledgren

8 • Never Been

Kush and Orange Juice didn’t just provide an array of smoke-friendly anthems delivered alongside bass-driven production; it also brought the bangers. The tenth track of the iconic mixtape is “Never Been” a certified bass-rattler from the moment you press play. The song is a stark comparison to its predecessor “Up.” The first track gently caresses you through a series of haze-related motifs until “Never Been” burst through the door unapologetically. “Empty bottles of Clicquot and ashes on the flo’ / towel under the do,’ we wasn’t supposed to even smoke,” Wiz begins stamping another song with a memorable introductory verse. Wiz was in the midst of a rapid ascension and was clearly experiencing new things as a skyrocketing artist, and the fans were strapped along for the ride. 

Produced by Sledgren

7 • Say Yeah

One of the first Wiz Khalifa songs I ever heard was “Say Yeah” all the way back in middle school, It’s kind of comical I remember being with a group of my friends at the time playing this track, and trying our absolute hardest to pronounce “Khalifa” haha. I am sure that’s something many Wiz fans can relate too, but even more so, I am sure that they can remember the first time that they heard this song. It has a contagious feeling that you simply just can’t deny, it’s one of Wiz Khalifa’s many hit records that will live forever.

Produced by Johnny Juliano

6 • This Plane

The first introduction to Wiz Khalifa for many came from his widely admired second studio album, Deal Or No Deal, released in 2009. One of the most iconic cuts of the synth-heavy offering was “This Plane”: a playful energy from a production standpoint that is met with gritty raps from Khalifa uttering the now infamous opener, “I’m screaming fuck them n****s who hated / I’m money affiliated.” The iconic standing of the song continues to prove its dominance with every year that passes, chronicling a moment in time when Wiz was at the cusp of his success, primed to explode. 

Produced by I.D. Labs

5 • Mia Wallace

There’s an electricity about the opening piano keys of “Mia Wallace.”  Wiz was in the ears and car stereos of the youth everywhere. Secured in his positioning as one of rap’s most prominent up-and-comers, at the time, Khalifa had accumulated a bevy of accolades under his belt; his first role in a movie, Mac and Devon Go to High School and the impending release of his fourth studio album, O.N.I.F.C. His growing success is fully exuded on Taylor Allderdice finding him centered and confident which is exuded on one of his most memorable track’s “Mia Wallace.”

Produced by Dumont

4 • Still Blazin

As we all know, Wiz Khalifa has done a lot for stoner culture, especially in rap, with “Still Blazin” as one of the go-to examples of this impact. Utilizing the endless groove of a reggae sample, the track structures its presence around the clear-minded, fun-loving energy that comes with Wiz’s stoner image, and as a result, it’s easily one of Wiz’s most enjoyable efforts. I don’t know many other artists that have truly influenced as many subcultures outside of music as Wiz has, and if not anything else, this impact is one of many reasons why he’s a living legend.

P.S. Peep the Mac Miller cameo in this music video! R.I.P. to a fellow Pittsburgh legend.

Produced by Sermstyle


3 • In The Cut

When I think back to my decade plus of listening to Wiz Khalifa’s music, this song has always stuck out to me. Like so many other listeners, “In The Cut” is one of those rare offerings that soundtracks an entire era of one’s life, attaching so many memories to a bona fide anthem that I can never listen to without smiling. Aside from this though, few, if any, songs are better examples of Wiz Khalifa’s ability to set trends in image, music, and even lifestyle, all by hopping on the mic and speaking his mind and life.

Produced by Cardo

2 • The Thrill

I am sure that many of you reading this were scrolling through wondering when you were going to see this one, truthfully I was hard pressed to decide if I wanted to include this joint at number one or two. I love this record so much, it’s easily one of the most memorable songs that I have heard in my damn near twenty-three years on this planet. The sample on this record from Empire Of The Sun’s smash hit record “Walking On A Dream” gave Wiz a solid foundation to do something special, but you can’t just credit the sample here, because Wiz really went above and beyond to make this one TIMELESS.

Produced by DJ Rockstar

1 • Mezmorized

Coming in at number one for us is “Mezmorized”, one of his all-time classic joints and what I would consider the core record off of Kush & Orange Juice. It’s essentially what kicks off that entire tape, I know it’s not the intro record because there’s a short interlude cut before it, but this song was really what sets the tone for what is widely considered one of if not Wiz Khalifa’s best project ever. Aside from that this song itself is widely considered his best song to date, and although all of this is subjective, it’s our favorite song from him of all time.

Produced by Cardo

Additional words from Seamus Fay & Chuck Ramos