otw – [DavidTheTragic]

Atlanta creative DavidTheTragic has been rekindling the buzz he had before the pandemic as Atlanta’s newest scene has born with Kenny Mason, Wiley From Atlanta, Jelani Imani, and so many more came together to be the newest wave in the city in years. David’s latest visual for his slow-burning track “otw” is my favorite release from him in his latest string of visuals and singles and this video particularly has me very excited for David’s upcoming project that has been much-awaited for well over a year now from the Atlanta, and underground community online. He came together with UNANNOUNCED to bring the video to life and they handled the direction and editing that matched very well with the moody and introspective song. I like the melodic direction that David leans in on this song and that is something we haven’t heard too much from him lately as he has been focused on dropping bars. David slowly croons “I’m on the way to see you,” which is as close to an auditory liminal space as it gets. UNANNOUNCED’s film-grade in the video particularly adds to the warmth that is given off by David’s genuineness and the melancholy production supplied by EUPHONIA and SAKURA. Keep an eye out for DavidTheTragic’s forthcoming project and I personally will be adding this track to my personal playlists and definitely suggest you do the same.