Oso Has Established Himself as an Emerging R&B Artist To Watch

Right from his childhood years, Oso loved R&B music. His constant academic struggles caused him to take an early exit from school and effectively gave him no other option but to pursue a musical career. With his first batch of singles released this year, he’s gradually cementing himself into the R&B mainstream and showing the prowess of an artist committed to his journey.

Unarguably, the R&B terrain has changed recently as Gen Z has proven far less predictable than millennials. Achieving stardom is more challenging now than ever before as a flood of influencers, dancers, and meme makers have suddenly transformed themselves into R&B musicians, sparking controversy within the genre. Fervent fans have spent the past decade fiercely debating the nature of “real” R&B and accordingly greeting new entrants with much skepticism. On the surface, for a Queens-born Italian kid such as Oso, overcoming the heated dialogue might seem insurmountable. However, his combination of sultry vocals and endearing over-the-top personality appears to be rising above the fray. Just a few years into his career, he’s already grabbed the attention of industry icons such as Fat Joe who featured him on his weekly Instagram live show. He’s also been quietly collaborating with renowned artists like Eric Bellinger, Hitmaka, and Chrishan and has started promoting an upcoming single that will feature controversial crooner Tory Lanez.

He also has a real chance to renew R&B’s appeal in his hometown of New York. Oso showcases all of the grit and vulnerability in his music that made NY the original hotbed of R&B and vaulted several of its artists into the limelight throughout the 00s. While most new artists battle for exposure in Los Angeles and Atlanta, Oso is firming up an increasingly loud fanbase in the northeast. He’s active and presence on TikTok and Instagram as a popular personality for his humor. However, it’s clear that he is betting on more to drive his music. 

Oso is one to watch over the next year.