Organized Crime 2 Deluxe – [Allstar JR]

Detroit star (and one of my favorite artists to recommend to people searching for new music) Allstar JR has released six new tracks to complete the deluxe edition of his successful LP, Organized Crime 2. Collaborating with LOM Rudy and Overlord Scooch, he is celebrating his ability to overcome some of the most significant obstacles in his life. As a music hub with a rich history, Detroit is a fitting place for JR to showcase his music, and he’s taking full advantage.

Organized Crime 2 represents the culmination of his transformative experiences, including surviving an assassination attempt in 2021. The LP features verses from Quality Control’s Baby Money, Baby Tron, Babyface Ray, Icewear Vezzo, and others, with TraumaTone, W$ Kharri, Flex OTB, Pooh Beatz, and ForeveRollin contributing beats to the production. OC2 is like a museum/showcase for the motor city, and I think it’s so raw JR was able to pull it off. I’d love to see something like this for other major music cities, too.

The album follows a similar structure to the first Organized Crime, with an intro from music journalist Ahmad Davis and “Critical 2 Stable” serving as the opening track. The LP includes standout songs like “Empty,” “MMA,” and “When Its Time,” as well as more reflective tracks like “2 AM In Houston” and “Die.” JR’s storytelling ability is showcased throughout, and he credits his children as co-executive producers on the album.

Allstar JR’s life has changed significantly since Organized Crime, and he is excited to see how Organized Crime 2’s success will impact his future.

Check it out below!