Opulent – [MBNel]

I feel like I write about every single new MBNel release no matter what it is, but that’s because he’s legitimately one of the most promising up-and-comers on the West Coast. At first, when the homie put me onto him, I like his stuff, but I wasn’t necessarily blown away, but I didn’t give it my best effort to truly listen, in all fairness. Since then, though, I have gone back and completely consumed my life with all of his music from years ago until now, and I truly think he’s one of the most dynamic artists in the entire state of California.

He just has this way of telling his truthful, eye-opening story in such a manner that is not only compelling but it’s told in such a way that it’s like he’s reliving every moment as he makes his way throughout each narrative. Not only this, but he is able to incorporate some of that trademark West Coast bounce into his music so that way it doesn’t sound like he’s just preaching to you, as it sounds with so many other artists in the industry. Most recently, Nel decided to please fans once again with an unbelievable song entitled “Opulent”, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all.

Produced by ProdByEvan, our eardrums are met by poignant, evocative guitar strings that give off the impression that he’s about to dig deep and truly reveal himself, and just when you least expect it, the percussion and drums enter into the picture for some of that telltale springiness that I mentioned before. As he begins to spit, he utilizes a mixture of singing and rapping, allowing his bars to roll off his tongue while pretty much suggesting that he could rap like this in his sleep, yet the stories he tells are nothing short of captivating in every sense of the word.

While MBNel seems like he can really do it all, I am shocked that he hasn’t completely taken the entire country by storm. He is definitely a fan favorite out West, and while I’m trying to spread his music to everyone I know here in the Midwest, I think once things open up and touring becomes a major thing once again, he’s going to have no problem reaching the masses. Along with the song comes a Mike Wilds-directed music video, I really wanted to focus mainly on the track itself, so make sure you don’t miss out on the visual as well. I’m definitely not surprised that he has another hit on his hands with “Opulent” and that shouldn’t come as a shock to you either, so make sure you check it out as soon as you can.