Oprah’s Bank Account – [Lil Yachty] feat. [Drake] & [DaBaby]

When speaking of rap crews or labels that have been running the game recently, it would be blasphemy to not mention those of the likes of Quality Control. Being the mecca behind the ascension of major rap careers of Migos, Lil Baby, City Girls & more, they are shooting from the half-court line and aren’t missing at all. As far as Lil Yachty goes, he is one of the earliest acts that QC, and has managed to remain relevant ever since then. Today, he debuted a new smash single and video titled “Oprah’s Bank Account” featuring features from Drake and DaBaby.

Yachty has always been one to go above and beyond not only with his album rollouts, but his visuals as well. We know Yachty to be such a character, so it was only right for him to showcase more of that in this video. Dressing up as Oprah, Yachty is seen hosting his own daytime television show called “The Bophrah Show”. During the video, we get to see a completely different side of Yachty as he begins to show off more of his witty and charismatic side of him—alongside showing for of his acting capabilities. The single produced by frequent collaborator Earl on the Beat fits in perfectly with the vibe that we are used to getting from Yachty for the past few years he’s been active in the rap game. The catchy chorus is reminiscent of the older melodic days that Yachty first birthed back in 2016. With the feature from Drake and DaBaby, it is safe to say this one will be a big one.

One thing is for sure that we know, is that when QC goes, they go full throttle. Lil Baby just released his album, and Migos are coming this year as well. That being said, Yachty is due up for his next major release too. Yachty has been teasing his next album Lil Boat 3 for some months now, and he’s gearing up to deliver that very very soon.

Watch the visuals for Lil Yachty’s new single below!