OozinDawg 2 – [Tae Dawg]

PG County, Maryland rapper Tae Dawg has been one of the most exciting voices in an underground scene that has been going cold to a certain degree lately, standing alongside artists like Joony and Lil Gray who continue to keep the equally unique and influential scene moving forwards. With the help of Sparkheem who is both a groundbreaking force in pioneering the distinctive DMV-sound but also uniquely gifted in terms of artist development as he diligently works with each artist he is engaged with, playing a big hand in every aspect of these releases from song structure to rollout. Tae Dawg is making his long overdue today in Lyrical Lemonade with his new project OozinDawg 2 and he much like his collaborator Lil Gray has a seemingly endless bag of flows that range from aggressive staccato bars over harsh hard thumping instrumentals to catchy melodic crooning that to me are equally enjoyable and his versatility is truly what has set him apart on his last two projects that both stuck out as underground gems in their own right. He includes two features coming from DMV rapper Big Flock who has been cultivating a massive cult following of his own over the past several years who compliments Tae Dawg well on their track “50 Bags.’ He also has a guest verse from RudyCash who goes back and forth with TaeDawg with a distinct chemistry between their similar animated deliveries and creative lyrics. If this is your first time discovering Tae Dawg a great way to get familiar with his music and character are his many music videos with a number of the DMV’s top directors and Los Angeles based director Mason Luckiewicz that are all approached with a great deal of creativity and attention to detail that is rare within a scene of a lot of cookie cutter video structures. Tae Dawg’s OozinDawg 2 will definitely be one of my favorite projects to come from the area thiyear even though we are but a week into the new year and can’t wait to see how he follows this.