Oofda – [The Last Artful, Dodgr] Prod. [Neill Von Tally]

Portland’s rap scene sounds much like the city itself, and to understand that sentiment you’d need to look no further than The Last Artful, Dodgr. She embodies the enigmatic, weird dopeness that’s associated with the city’s music through her distinct style that’s just as much about melody as it is about lyricism. Wednesday, Dodgr dropped the video for “Oofda,” a standout track off her 2017 project “Bone Music.” The video is nothing short of impressive, with impeccable direction from Noah Porter and shot completely in black and white. As Dodgr yearns for a love that’s started to fade, Porter’s visuals perfectly accompany the solemn tone of the song with dizzying single shots, flickering lights and overall grittiness. With Dodgr’s signature raspy vocals leading the track, producer Neill Von Tally supplies an experimental, eerie instrumental with knocking bass that ties everything together.