Onna Come Up (Remix) – [Lil Eazzyy] ft. [G Herbo]

Not too long ago at all, I wrote about the remix to Lil Eazzyy’s breakout song “Onna Come Up” where G Herbo decided to join the promising up and comer, and I couldn’t have been more pleased by the results. While I had wished that Eazzyy had maybe contributed a new verse or something different than the original in his portion, G Herbo absolutely murdered his extra verse and I knew the fun couldn’t simply stop there.

Luckily, I couldn’t have been more excited to see that Eazzyy had one more trick up his sleeve and that was in the form of a brand-new music video. It’s not just any other music video either, because the dynamic duo teamed up with director AJ Spitz and No More Heroes, a media company that has been absolutely killing it in the city right now, and the results simply speak for themselves. As it opens, a group of four well-dressed gentlemen step out of an old school car and begin walking in slow motion which is obviously always a cool thing to do while wearing a suit.

When Eazzyy begins to spit, though, these guys join him in his rearview as he is dressed similar to them, with the exception of his bright white sunglasses and the plethora of chains around his neck. The camera slowly zooms out, revealing the fact that one of his guys is holding an umbrella over his head, but instead of protecting him from rain, it seems to be protecting him from a roaring fire going on on the other side of the umbrella. The next scene takes us to a beach where he is surrounded by numerous lovely ladies dressed in all-white bikinis. As they stand as still as statues, Eazzyy dances and recites his lyrics with more enthusiasm than I even expected in the first place.

After another scene change or two, one of my favorite moments comes when Eazzyy is upside down as he seems to be floating down a street at night. When G Herbo’s verse comes in, he’s standing on a beach at night with a ski mask on as a fire burns bright and strong right in front of him, illuminating the emcee and all of his numerous diamond-encrusted chains. As for my favorite part of Herb’s verse, there are a few moments where he’s standing with the fire in his rearview covering his mouth with his hand, but his mouth is then edited to continue spitting his bars on the outer portion of his hand. Although this might not be the greatest explanation in the world, it’ll make sense and you’ll definitely find it intriguing once you actually see it in the video.

Overall, I don’t think that this visual could have come out any better whatsoever, and AJ Spitz and No More Heroes did an absolutely magnificent job bringing it to life. Although there might not have necessarily been any sort of plot or storyline like I’ve been known to enjoy, the scenes are gripping, and the two artists are as enthralling as ever. It’s about time people wake up and pay attention to Lil Eazzyy, and this is another example as to why. With that being said, I highly suggest you check out the brand-new visual for the “Onna come Up (Remix)” featuring G Herbo. When you’re finished with that, if you still want to continue to learn more about the rapidly rising Chicago star, head over to our Lemonade Stand interview and find out more about Lil Eazzyy here!