Only Time Will Tell – [Anklegod]

At only 18, Anklegod has achieved more than most with a deep catalog of slept on songs that still play perfectly for this era in hip-hop. Being that he began his music career 6 years ago, the Vancouver emcee is no rookie when it comes to his craft. After catching initial attention with the ANKAVELI EP series and a serious selection of lowkey hits on his SoundCloud, Anklegod is here to release his highly anticipated debut album. The artist has always been a master in terms of crafting verses that can relate to the despair many are feeling or songs to just let loose and turn up too, Anklegod is one that has the capability to soundtrack the highs and lows of life beautifully. His career has been leading up to this moment, it seems his time has come to for Anklegod to ascend to the top with one of the best debut projects of the year.

Today marks the release of Only Time Will Tell, Anklegod’s first full-length project he has been teasing for a majority of this year. With singles “Ride” and “Showstopper” bringing unbridled energy leading up to the release, listening through the album takes on a very different feeling. As the tracklist plays through, there are moments to highlight both what Anklegod has gone through emotionally, both positive and negative, while trying to see the light no matter the situation. His overwhelming positive spirit shines through as he discusses losing close friends and family members at a young age, further outpouring his love for those who are still with him. Being able to make the most of any moment, no matter how chaotic life may be, while taking control of your own happiness is the major underlying theme on this album. Something people may need to hear with the situation of the world.

The powerful 10-song project has songs for almost any emotion. While tracks like “Follow” or “Whenever” have the electric feeling we have come to love from Anklegod, he dives deep into his personal life. The song “Think I Need Some Syrup” is Anklegod’s most personal to date, where he outlines the struggles that come from battling waves of depression and seeing drugs as the only means to cope. Atlanta’s TedroKassa joins Ank on “Envy”, the two discuss feelings of jealousy felt by those around them who then try to plot on their downfall. Each song brings something a little different to the table but when played through in order, the song selection was carefully selected to have people feel a wave of different emotions as they listen.

One thing that is for certain is that Only Time Will Tell is an album made for the tumultuous times we find ourselves in. Even down to the title, everybody is incredibly uncertain in what the future holds leaving everybody to kind of just ride it out letting time bring better times come. This feeling of understanding we must power through and remain positive while the universe figures itself out is a theme that almost anybody can resonate with now more than ever.  With a debut as strong as this, the sky is the limit for Anklegod who is looking like one of Canada’s most promising young acts of the year.

Listen to Only Time Will Tell on all platforms here! Additionally, watch the documentary giving some background on Anklegod’s journey leading up to this album below!

Cover by Mescondi
Documentary by ihatelanai