ONLY ONE – [O2worldwide]

One of my favorite new groups is O2worldwide, we have covered their music on Lyrical Lemonade previously but they continue to amaze me with the singles they’ve been dropping. Like many iconic hip hop groups that have come before them, O2worldwide exudes effortless chemistry and world-class lyrical talent that makes them an act to check out for any readers looking to get ahead on the next big group in the making. With a total of 16 members, the collective features a number of talented individuals that fill out an insanely talented roster from top to bottom. Ahead of their upcoming album, they released a new single titled “ONLY ONE” to prepare new and old fans for what’s to come.

Their latest singles features Ombachi and Yunggdos, who trade off verses effortlessly leaving further evidence on how much organic chemistry the group of friends has. “ONLY ONE” is produced by one of O2’s main beatmakers RT, the magical key pattern loops endlessly laying an amazing foundation for the rappers to lay out the problems with trying to find love as a quickly rising star. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this is the perfect anti-love track for anybody trying to find an anthem to gas themselves up ahead of the barrage of relationship pics filling up the feed this weekend.

O2worldwide has been consistently leveling up from release to release. Their development is why I have not been shy to express just how much I love this new ensemble of talent out of Oklahoma. Their next full-length project BACK ON TRACK is dropping on February 17, excited is an understatement. Get familiar with their stellar catalog ahead of their album, as O2worldwide will most certainly be a name you see pop up more frequently across the globe.

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