One Time – [NAV] ft. [Future] & [Don Toliver]

In the past, I have made my stance pretty clear when it comes to NAV. Simply put, I am just personally not the biggest fan in the world, but I know that he has made a big splash in the music scene and clearly, his track record of working with household names has to mean that he is a force in music in some way, shape, or form, right? I just personally feel like he is just so basic, with nasally melodies, overcompensating autotune, and generic flows, but once again, this is just my opinion and I know that it doesn’t mean anything to him while he sits in his mansion surrounded by the wealth that his music has gotten him.

What can be surmised from this is the fact that I don’t often write about his music, but there are exceptions to this, with the most prominent exception being when he features some artists I love in a song. To answer your question, no, I haven’t listened to his brand-new album Demons Protected by Angels, but it is actually on my list because with features like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, Travis Scott, Don Toliver, Future, Gunna, Lil Durk, RealestK, Bryson Tiller, and Babyface Ray, how could I not check that out?

Although I can’t comment on the album itself quite yet, I was definitely impressed with the Wheezy-produced, Don Toliver and Future-featuring song “One Time” after watching the Spike Jordan-directed music video, so I wanted to show some love amidst all of my not-so-favorable opinions. This video is actually super dope as well as we’re taken to this outer space scene as a group of lovely women walk up to a bar, passing Don on the way in before proceeding to have a wild night out. Fast forwarding, NAV is joined in a dimly lit room by a beautiful girl laying on the bed beside him, but it isn’t until his hand is cut off from his body and scurries up onto the bed that things get steamy.

Time continues at unbelievable speeds, so when it’s Future’s turn, the eerie scene unravels as a girl seems to inhale a TV screen, leading us to the final shots of the video. Despite how I opened this article, I actually kind of vibe with this track, mainly thanks to Don’s incredible hook and Future’s catchy verse, but regardless of my reasoning, I definitely think this visual is well worth your time whether you agree with my previous statements or not!