One Night Stand – [Jesse Munsat]

For the past week, Ive been bumping a really dope song that deserves some recognition on our pages. Jesse Munsat is a 20 year old singer/songwriter/producer from Washington, D.C. The talented artist crossed my radar right before his latest release and its definitely something worth listening to. 

The brand new offering entitled, “One Night Stand” is a vibe that perfectly encapsulates what Jesse brings to the table as a creative. What I love most about this song is how natural it feels when you listen to it. These days, it seems like a lot of artists try to force sounds based off of whats cool or popular, but in my opinion, the artists who stand out to me are those who stay true to their natural sound; That’s exactly what Jesse does here. Throughout the verses, Jesse manages to pull listeners in with his vocal talents and catchy melodies. 

“One Night Stand” is a really fire tune and I’m so hype for y’all to listen. Down below, I’ve attached the link! Make sure to check it out and let us know what you think!