one eye open-[kerri],[Snøw] & [Skinny Atlas]

One of my favorite songs from this week is by an artist who I’ve had the the pleasure of writing about before. Canadien artist, kerri is nothing short of spectacular and its truly a blessing getting to track his success and see all of the dope achievements he will inevitable fall into. 

His newest offering called “one eye open” features lofi sadboy rap legend  Snøw and is produced by New York based producer, Skinny Atlas. With this much talent on one song, there’s no version of this where the final product is not good; and thats exactly the conclusion I came to after checking out the song in its entirety. The best part about this song is that each artist adds their own personal flavor to make this a whole and cohesive piece. When you get collaboration like this, it’s easy to try to and point fingers as to who is the best on the track, but in “one eye open”, each legend shines equally and adds a contagious energy to each other. I was able to grab a quote a quote from kerri about the track and he explained that:

“…the song is mainly about feeling like you can’t trust those around you in a relationship or friendship; a look at isolating yourself & keeping those people away. It views the idea of loneliness from different perspectives & people’s responses to loss.”

This piece by these three talented individuals is one that you can’t miss. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and check out the rest of kerri and the gang’s music!