One Deep in the Fleetwood – [Pouya]

The Florida rap scene is one that I seriously can’t get enough of, and while certain artists can sound very reminiscent of each other, other talents have been blazing a trail of their own for years, and there’s a reason why they get the recognition that they do. One of the most recognizable artists that come to mind when I think about this region has got to be Pouya, an emcee who has been paving a way for other artists to share their story with the masses, and I would be remised if I didn’t mention his legendary underground status.

Out of everything, I think I just appreciate the fact that he’s not afraid to pour his heart out into the microphone, sharing stories of both his internal and external struggles, but he does so as a way to not only vent, but to connect with fans on a deeper, more introspective level that other artists might struggle with. Not too long ago, he dropped off his long-awaited project Blood Was Never This as Water which boasted 11 songs that ran just over 35 minutes long, and even though he had two features in Denzel Curry and Lu baby, he didn’t waste a single second that was given to him to share even more of his experiences with the world.

That’s why, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I found out that he released a brand-new music video for the album’s cut “One Deep in the Fleetwood”, and I had to share it with you all. Directed by MidVessel, this one features Pouya hanging out in what appears to be his bedroom. While he walks around the room, he seems to be dealing heavily with some of the issues going on in his head, and rather than keeping everything inside, he puts it all out on the table within this track.

Attempting to make an escape, Pouya ends up trying to jump out of his window, leave through the bedroom door, and even climb through the vents, but every escape plan just leads him right back to the same spot, time and time again. There is never any shortage of creativity in Pouya’s music and music videos, making “One Deep in the Fleetwood” a visual you need on your radar moving forward.