On the Weekends I Feel Like Drake – [Fat Nick]

As is the case with most music fans, I listen to certain artists in waves. I just feel like ever since I can remember, I have gone through phases where I only listen to specific artists for a set period of time, but then something new comes out and my admiration begins to tilt in a different direction. I can even tell you what point I was at in my own life based on who I was listening to. Whether it was my Kendrick phase, Kanye phase, straight underground SoundCloud phase, or any of the others, I have been able to appreciate specific artists or styles individually for an exact amount of time before coming across something else.

One person that I don’t think I ever outgrew or moved on from is Fat Nick, a Florida phenom who has been lighting the underground scene on fire for years and years, but he has never let up or given me a reason to find something else. Sure, I listen to a whole slew of other emcees as well currently, but whenever Nick drops something, I do my best to tap in because I know it’s not going to be something I will regret listening to.

I even remember that when I went through a phase of trying to rap on my own as well so many years ago, I had my brother (a producer known as Diiiiiesel) sample his legendary hit “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Boy” from his unbeatable project When the Lean Runs Out, and even though my raps might’ve not won any awards, it was a hit due to the unbelievable foundation that we borrowed from Nick.

Life has been so hectic for me lately that I somehow completely overlooked the fact that Nick dropped a project called Hope You’re Proud back towards the beginning of October, but that gets me amped to get a chance to listen to 10 new songs from the icon, and coming across his video for “On the Weekends I Feel Like Drake” produced by Flexatelli, I had to check it out. As with all videos from Fat Nick, there is no shortage of creativity that is brought to life with direction from Julian Yuri as the emcee first takes the reigns as a fisherman cruising around in his little dinghy looking for a trophy fish in the beautiful waters of Florida.

He then hits the swamps where he hangs around smoking cigarettes prior to donning his Boy Scout uniform and roasting marshmallows at a campsite. Nick really can do it all, so even if he has remained consistent with a familiar sound his entire career, he knows there’s no need to change anything if it has worked as well as it has. When it comes to any record that he puts out, with “On the Weekends I Feel Like Drake” being no exception whatsoever, Nick said it best on this track: he really is himothy.