[On The Run From Area 51] – [Rk Nephew]

Last year Rk Nephew caught the attention of outlets like Pitchfork and the Washington Post with his “dizzy” rapping style synthesizing brutal honesty, humor, and curiosity. Continuing this momentum into 2022, our hero returns this month with his newest project, On The Run From Area 51 – a healthy dose of realism from the Rochester rapper. On the project’s eponymous track, the young rapper explores everything from Percocet, haters, Lola Bunny, and everything in-between. Whether he’s running from Aliens or escaping Area 51 himself, Rk Nephew consistently provides listeners with carefree yet polished tracks that are refreshing in an age where the norm is to be stilted and oversanitized. With nine new tracks on his latest LP – Rk Nephew is hopefully serving us the first of many releases this year.

Listen to “On The Run From Area 51” below.