On tha linë – [Yeat]

I don’t know if this is a controversial opinion, and I don’t think it is even a little bit, but if you ask me, Yeat is already the artist of the year and we’re only two months into the year. I know that 2021 was game-changing for him, but it just seems like that was all child’s play when looking at what he has done so early on in 2022. Of course, his album 2 Alivë was absolutely insane thanks to the 20 songs that lasted over an hour long and it showed off even more dexterousness from the Portland hitmaker.

Not only this, but it even boasted insanely massive features in artists like Young Thug and Gunna as well as some incredible underground guests like Yung Kayo, Ken Car$on, and SeptembersRich, and even with all of these names, Yeat was clearly the most show-stopping performer on every single track he included on this album. Add in those accomplishments alongside a Cole Bennett-directed music video for “Still Countin”, and that’s exactly what he’s going to be doing as he continues to amass insane numbers on any record he puts out.

As always, Yeat is never comfortable where he’s at, so when he dropped a Chilldays, Nitetive, and Josh-filmed music video for his cut “On tha linë”, you knew I had to be one of the first people to tap in with it. Although he sticks with his lo-fi and run and gun style of visual that he clearly loves so much as well as the intricate edits and off-the-wall animations, Yeat actually takes us along with him to Paris, France where he brings all of his swagger and personality to the city of love.

Here, he can be seen in a variety of shots in front of a multitude of world-famous sites, driving around in a lavish Mercedes truck, smoking blunts, and eating expensive meals at what I can only assume are some of the most sought-after restaurants in the country. What I truly appreciate about Yeat is that he never sacrifices who he is in order to fit into a specific mold, and while Paris might not have expected someone like him to roll through their city, I’m positive that he turned some heads and put even more people on to his music which is going to help him go from nationally recognized to the world-renown artist that I firmly believe he is destined to be.