On N’ On – [Vince Ash]

Just a couple of weeks ago, the homie put me onto an artist by the name of Vince Ash, and after doing a little digging, I realized that he was from Hammond, Indiana which isn’t far from Chicago at all. This surprised me because he was so close, yet I do feel like there are so many talents hailing from Indiana that are overshadowed by their big-city neighbor, but that doesn’t mean that Vince and any other artist should go unnoticed because he’s making some incredible music right across the border.

Back in June of last year, Vince released his EP Vito which boasted 8 tracks that lasted just under 15 minutes long, and while this might be a relatively short project, it definitely seems to give you some much-welcomed insight into who he is as a person and all of the skills that he brings to the table. Although I want to give it some more run-throughs before I give an official thought on it, I can tell you without a doubt that it’s worth checking out, and even if you’re late to the party as I am, you don’t want to sleep any longer.

When it comes to one of my favorite songs off the EP “On N’ On”, Vince luckily teamed up with Director Goood Dylan to shoot a miniature movie for the track and I couldn’t be more excited. Although all of the settings he finds himself in are either inside of or on top of a parking garage, he and his crew make the most of a simplistic environment as they gamble money, drink their alcohol, and cruise around in their whip as they hang outside of the window. While this might seem like the extent of the video, the edits and animations that are included give it so much dexterity and make me beyond captivated as certain shots seem to be shown in an old-school slow motion-like edit that you don’t often see in music videos.

While I was a big fan of the visual that Vince dropped off for this record, I was an even bigger fan of the song itself. It has such a unique instrumental and Vince’s deep, smooth voice just glides over every single piece of it effortlessly and unbelievably. Although I’m new to Vince’s sonic world, I am absolutely stunned by what I’ve heard so far considering he seems to be totally individualistic and not trying to bite anyone’s style. That can be hard to come by in today’s day and age of music, so I can’t help but acknowledge it and applaud it when I come across it. Whether Vince Ash has been on your radar for years or not, “On N’ On” is definitely a track you’re going to need in your life, so make sure to check out his latest visual below.