Old – [Stef]

There is no collective currently working – at least in regards to the rising pop scene as it stands – that is quite as prolific as Novagang. This group of generational artists act like and perform like they are exactly that: simply generational — as in groups with this much talent come along once in a blue moon, and based on the amount of content they bring to the scene week by week and even day by day, they are taking full advantage of this opportunity that they have worked to gain for so long now.

One of their most defining facets is found in their wide cast of styles and approaches to the scene, with all of their members having slightly different stylistic takes with mostly the same results coming from them despite their differences. For a better picture on this sentiment being illustrated in full, there is no one better to look to than Stef, who’s just come through with their most anthemic, moving, and singular track yet in “Old.”

This track takes a step-by-step approach to pop music that sees its facets building up towards something of a journey of a single once it’s all said and done. This is due in large part to the remarkable work done on production by Blackwinterwells — who with such a dynamic and ever-shifting beat here, has added yet another trophy in her already stacked collection of hits.

But where this song shines the most is in Stef’s outstanding performance on their own — taking the listener through a number of passages on the mic that display each and every one of their talents in a variety of manners and states. Whether it’s through their laid back, silky, and drowning beginning passages at the beginning of the track, or their superbly executed transition into the song’s second half which features another full verse – one that is significantly more bouncy and all-too-gripping – Stef shines in what can only be described as every single way they possibly could here.

Take this track as something of a statement piece not only for Stef themselves, but also for what Novagang represents as a platform for just about everything that this rising pop scene represents. You have quite a lot to choose from when looking at this collective, and it’s safe to say based on tracks like “Old,” Stef isn’t just one of the best choices compared to their contemporaries, they are arguably one of the most obvious all the same.