Old News – [My Favorite Color]

Ever since the homie put me onto My Favorite Color’s music a handful of months back, I’ve been tuning in pretty religiously. He is just so versatile, goofy at times, and all-around talented, making him a person that isn’t only someone I need to have on my radar, but someone I want to have on my radar. Even though he has been relatively quiet in recent history, he has continued to be active on social media and make sure that his fans are constantly enthralled with him, so when he dropped his latest song “Old News”, we were all ready for it and I couldn’t have been more excited to share it with you all.

Produced by the one and only ID Labs, we are greeted by a very mischievous pan flute that is eventually coupled with crisp percussion and booming drums for a very versatile foundation that gives MFC free reign to do anything he pleases with this beat. As he begins, he mumbles into the microphone about how hungover he is, but how he needs to persevere and get to work, showing just how dedicated he is to his craft. Following this, he delivers some of the most complex, diverse flows I’ve heard not only from him but from any rapper in the industry currently. The way he goes from quick, choppy cadences to swinging his voice and just having fun with the production is a thing of beauty, and it ensures that no matter who you are, you’re going to find at least one thing you like about this song, even though there is definitely more than a singular part of this track that I gravitated towards.

In the hook, he slows things down ever so slightly before allowing his words to roll off of his tongue, twinging his voice during certain moments to truly bring this record full circle before dropping another verse that is possibly even better than the first. While I feel as if I could go on for weeks raving about my admiration for MY Favorite Color and this incredible new track, you just need to check out “Old News” on your own for yourself and understand where I’m coming from.