Old News – [My Favorite Color]

I believe about a week ago, My Favorite Color dropped a brand-new song entitled “Old News”, and it has had a place on my playlist ever since. It’s just so energetic and bubbly while also showing off exactly how precise MFC’s flows can truly be, making it a record I won’t soon forget about for even a second. Luckily, MFC is back with a Taylor Bonin-directed music video for this hit track, and I couldn’t be more excited. Considering he has a name like My Favorite Color, his videos are never anything less than vibrant, and with such a creative mind, his videos truly never disappoint, with this one being no different whatsoever.

He’s always one to keep the child within himself alive, and as it opens up, this is on full display once again in his room, where he wakes up and we see a bright red comforter on his bed as well as a checkerboard carpet and a plethora of old school video games strewn about on the ground. Waking up and getting ready for the day, he throws on his multicolored, glitter-covered JW Anderson Converse before hopping in the back of a pickup truck to get dropped off on his paper route.

When he gets to his starting point, he cruises around on his Golf Wang bike throwing newspapers left and right to all the homes on his path, all while rapping along word for word to the track. Later on, MFC actually dresses up in a wig, a dress, and red lipstick in order to portray a woman who eagerly runs outside to retrieve the paper he just delivered, waving in his direction as he rides past her. Finally, the last character he dresses up as is an old man who washes his car, does some yard work, and reads the newspaper as he eats a meal, showing us yet another character that MFC plays nicely.

When I first heard this song, I was blown away without a doubt, but after seeing the music video, I can’t think of a better record and visual one-two punch than this from what I’ve seen recently. With that being said, My Favorite Color is an artist you absolutely need to familiarize yourself with if you haven’t already for some reason, and the music video for his song “Old News” is the perfect starting point before you dive into all of his other incredible music.