Old Baby – [Fake Dad]

Brooklyn, New York-based indie-pop duo, Fake Dad, has that warming quality to their music that not only sticks but leaves its mark. The pair made up of Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford, have released their new EP Old Baby and are making a compelling case for their place as an exciting indie group. Comprised of lush indie-pop production, Fake Dad creates a soulful sonic world that adds colorful expression to the duos dream-like lyricism. With glittery performances on “Jesus Chain,” “Listen” and “Breakfast in New York,” Fake Dad revel in hypnotizing sonics while delving into more jazz-leaning pop-infused R&B on the EP’s remaining songs, “Pretty/Ugly,” “Summer Hill,” and “Knight Sweater.” In all the six-track EP is a wholesome bit of indie-pop, shining a light on the continued sound development of Fake Dad as a rising duo in the space. 

Listen to the Old Baby EP by Fake Dad below.