OKAY – [poorstacy]

There aren’t very many producers out there that have been able to build and foster talent quite like Nick Mira. An artist that has been working with Mira heavily as of recent is poorstacy and what they have been releasing has caught the attention of rap fans across the globe. “OKAY” dropped a few days ago on poorstacy’s SoundCloud, which is the only place to find his music at this time. The single begins with unassuming strings that takes a drastic turn as the 808 kicks in and the beat goes super saiyan. Throughout the song, poorstacy shows his ability to craft self-reflecting lyrics, then deliver them in a somber yet energetic way. Although this is poorstacy’s first post on Lyrical Lemonade, don’t be surprised if you see this name pop up more frequently. There is a reason Nick Mira works this closely with only a handful of artists, he can spot talent and has definitely found one with massive potential. Stream “OKAY” below and be sure to check out the other tracks on his page.