Okay – [Family Reunion]

After what has been a breakout year for Jackie Carlson of Family Reunion, it’s natural to wonder where the indie-pop songwriter might be going next in terms of music. Judging by how quickly she’s supplanted herself deep in Chicago’s indie scene, the answer to that question seems to be just about anywhere she wants to go.

Family Reunion’s latest single, “Okay”, offers up even more concrete evidence that Carlson is not stagnating any time soon. In fact, it’s one of her strongest tracks to date. It’s also one of her saddest. While heartbreak has played a big role in her previous releases, Carlson approaches it differently this time around, writing from the perspective of someone who’s desperately apologetic instead of just hurt. She wraps up feelings of confusion, regret, and miscommunication into a cohesive story that unfolds in the song’s verses. What she conveys lyrically gets mimicked melodically, and there’s genuine candor in the way she cries out “baby, I’m sorry. I know I was bad too”. The track then dissolves into guitar plucks and a steady lo-fi beat, giving just enough cushion for the vocals to make a soft landing.

Listen to Family Reunion’s latest offering for yourself below: